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Kiddush Luncheon Sponsorship

Sponsoring a Kiddush Luncheon is a wonderful and generous expression of observing  or celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and Yahrzeiten, to name a few. 

Kiddush Luncheon Sponsorship $90

Call us at  409-762-4545 or  email at
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We thank everyone who has sponsored a Kiddush Luncheon this past year. 
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Yahrzeit/Memorial Project
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Join us for a Shabbat service and a new experience.

This week at Beth Jacob Galveston


Torah Study

Thursday    8:a.m. 

Morning Minyan


Friday         6 p.m. 

Erev Shabbat Service

Saturday    9:30 am

Shabbat Morning Service

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Torah Study >>Read Parashat

Join Rabbi Todd Wednesdays at noon for a lively discussion of the weeks Torah portion.


Congregation Beth Jacob supports these principles: study of Torah, service to the community, and deeds of compassion. Adapted from Mishna, Avot

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